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Ok, so you've been hearing everyone rave about how awesome our goat milk lotions are, right?! Right! BUT----- what scent is YOUR scent? Or maybe you already know and just need that small tube to tuck into your purse! Our 1oz. lotion tubes are the perfect way to test which scent you love, as well as carry on the go! 


You will get 1- 1oz. tube of the scent of your choice! We offer these scents:


Oatmeal/Milk/Honey - Our best-seller for a reason. Its light, comforting, and universally loved. You probably won't go wrong with this one.


LaBelle- Vibrant bold fragrance reminiscent of a new land filled with native citrus, fresh berries, and salty gulf breezes.


White Tea- Delicate, light and fresh with a slightly sweet undertone


Lemon & Lavender- Citrusy lemon and relaxing lavender scent.


Sunday Beach - If you need the beach and can't get to one, this is your scent. Think old school Coppertone and sunny days.



1 oz Simplified Goat Milk Lotion


    Bunnies, Birds & Flowers 'oh My! Happy Spring Shopping!

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