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  • You will be absolutely amazed at how realistic these Patria brand candles appear! Even up close it is hard to tell they are faux candles! They flicker and dance just like real candles and are even made with real wax! Here are some of the features of Patria candles:


    * Patented 360 LED flame provides a glow throughout the entire flame. Each flame has 10 LED's inside of it.

    * Candles are battery operated

    * Black wick is flexible

    * Each candle comes with a built-in 6 hour timer that can be activated by a switch at the bottom of the candle.

    * The remote control is an optional purchase which allows you more versatility with your candle! With the remote you can choose from 4, 6, 8, & 12 hour timed usage. It also allows you to dim and brighten your candle from low, medium, and high. 


    These candles are truly enchanting & cast a romantic glow throughout your home! 


    The color option of these candles is a creamy ivory color. 


    8" Ivory Pillar Candle: Requires 2 - AA Batteries - 8" H x 3" Dia.LED flame is 1".

    11" Ivory Tapper Candle / Set of Two. Requires 2- AAA Batteries.  1" Dia. LED flame is 1".


    ----- Note Set of 3 is a 2" diameter candle, not 3".

    Set of 3: Large: 7" H x 2" Dia.Medium:6" H x 2" Dia.Small:5" H x 2" Dia.Flame is 1".

    Ivory Patria Real Look Candles


      Bunnies, Birds & Flowers 'oh My! Happy Spring Shopping!

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