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Our Vision

Hi there! My name is Angela. I have a dream. Well, I guess I should say I had a dream, then that dream created BIG dreams. On November 22, 2017, I went to bed and woke up at about 4 am, with a dream vision. To own my own home decor business. I have owned other companies, and home decor did fit in, although it has always been in antiques & vintage wares. By November 24th, I had already filed and registered my business. I knew in my heart that this dream would become my reality.


There is no doubt that I love home decor, and as my mom has always said, I just have some natural knack for putting things together nicely. I enjoy it, and it's fun, but Simply Fresh was going to be something different for me this time. Simply Fresh is my own personal "fresh start". Sometimes we all need a little change, a boost, and an escape. 


Our vision is pretty simple. Living. Beautifully. Simple. In today's world of chaos, we need that escape. To enjoy simple, little things. To love our surroundings and make our homes feel wonderfully comfortable. As we grow, we plan to launch items that surround our vision. If you have any products you love, please let us know!


I truly can not express to you how much we appreciate your business. You are supporting our dream, and I am eternally grateful. There are numerous other home decor sites you could buy from, so for you to stumble across ours and support us, means a lot. With our new launch, we will be learning many new things along the way. We are excited to grow with you. Please take a few moments to sign up to any of our social media pages... just as you would like to get to know us, we would like to get to know you. 


This is one of the final steps of creating this site, so it's about time I close my eyes, push the publish button, and walk the walk... I'm glad your with us!


~ Angela


Bunnies, Birds & Flowers 'oh My! Happy Spring Shopping!

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